Sitko Counseling



"When we are no longer able to change a situation –
we are challenged to change ourselves.”
          Victor Frankl


Therapeutic Approach



 For counseling to be successful, the client-counselor relationship must be safe, supportive, respectful, compassionate, trusting, and confidential. Our relationship must be a safe haven in order to discuss concerns and to explore ways to realize growth, healing, and a whole and healthy way of being. Our work together is based upon my deep respect for your innate strengths, building upon what is already successful for you. 

Sitko Counseling collaborates with you integrating Assessment, Client-Centered and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Psycho-Education, and Mind/Body techniques. I offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Clinical Hypnosis. Research validates the effectiveness of these techniques for a variety of mental health challenges including treatment of civilian and military trauma issues, weight reduction, smoking, and substance abuse. 

My approach to therapy, and its length, will depend on your particular needs and goals. Together we can identify the problems and potential solutions in a straightforward and understandable manner. Most problems have multiple contributing causes (e.g., environmental, interpersonal, behavioral, and physical). I will listen carefully, compassionately, and without judgment to hear your story fully. For people new to counseling, a simple moment of being truly heard and understood is a powerful agent for healing. Most importantly, I respect the fact that you are the expert on YOU. It is my privilege and honor to work with you. 

In the course of counseling, I will collaborate with you to generate an individual service plan to help you achieve your goals. The more open, collaborative, and willing you are to invest time and effort between sessions, the faster you will get results. Your feedback will teach us how to continue our work effectively, emphasizing what is working for you and learning from what is not working.

I feel very fortunate to do this work and grateful to the people who share their courageous stories with me. No matter your situation, I will utilize openness, compassion, optimism, and my clinical expertise and education to work with you, and will perform my services in a professionally competent manner.  

When working with children, I also work closely with parents and involve them in the treatment. Children sometimes need help expressing their thoughts and feelings; I use art, play, role-playing, and games to make the sessions fun and to assist in self-expression and understanding.  

People tell me they grow, change, and feel better after our work together.